When can I start using the design to advertise on social media platforms?

Once full payment has been received, you will be sent the design, and you can start using it on social media and print media to promote your business.

Which size and shape should I choose?

For online promotions on social media platforms, such as Instagram, a square design is a popular choice. Square designs also work well on t-shirts, coasters, stickers, hats, and aprons. For printed media, it is common to choose DL size for flyers (210 mm x 99 mm).

How can I pay?

Payment can be made via PayPal, or if you’d prefer to use bank transfer, I have bank accounts in both New Zealand and Australia. I don’t charge extra for credit card payments on PayPal.

Which areas do you operate in?

I can create designs for small businesses in New Zealand and Australia, but I can only take photos if the business is located around the Rolleston or Lincoln area of Canterbury. 

Are you GST registered?

No, as my earnings are below the GST threshold, so I’m not registered for GST. I will register once my earnings reach the threshold.

Can I have the designs printed on t-shirts, stickers and aprons?

Yes, I have accounts with print-on-demand companies that print t-shirts, stickers, coasters, aprons, hats, face masks, magnets and so forth. I can notify you of the cost at the time, as the print-on-demand companies change their pricing depending on specials and discounts for bulk orders. Printed stickers and magnets are great gifts for customers, while t-shirts, baseball hats and aprons are popular choices for employee uniforms.

How long can I use the design for?

Once you’ve paid for it, you can reuse it on social media or print media as often as you need to. For example, a winter design can be reused every winter.

What if I need minor changes made at a later date?

You may want to reuse a design a few months later with minor changes (such as “Winter Sale” changed to “Spring Sale” with the dates amended). I charge $20 to make minor changes that take less than 20 minutes, so long as I still have the design on file.

Can I have a design with a transparent background?

Yes, I can supply designs with transparent backgrounds.

How much do designs cost?

Designs vary in cost depending on how long it takes to create the design. I charge NZ$60 per hour for design work, and it is faster to create designs that use stock images and images I already own.

Can I incorporate photos into the designs?

If your business is near Rolleston or Lincoln (on the outskirts of Christchurch), I can visit to take photographs that can be used in your designs and on menus. Otherwise, I can use images that I own or generic stock photos to create your designs, or you can email photos you already have of your products. If your products can be posted (such as chocolates, biscuits, soaps and so forth), I can photograph items that are posted to me. 

How much are photographs?

I charge per photo, and you can choose which photos you want to buy. If you’re a small café on a budget, you might find your budget stretches to only four photos, or perhaps you only want four photos to display on a menu or promotional flyer. For businesses based around Rolleston or Lincoln, the fee is $100 for four photos ($25 each x 4 photos is $100). You can purchase additional photos for $20 each, but the minimum charge for the first four photos is $100.

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